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Why We Use NuVet Plus

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D and J Kennels cares for all of our dogs and puppies with NuVet Plus® Supplements.  We even keep our females on NuVet Plus® throughout their pregnancy, and each adopted puppy leaves with their new families on NuVet Plus®. 

A major cause of ill health in household pets is caused by the lack of proper nutrition in their diets.  NuVet Plus® is a full-spectrum supplement that focuses on the root cause of these illnesses while boosting the pets immune system and overall health.* 

Anyone who cares about all the health issues with their pets is using NuVet Plus.  You will see remarkable results by using this product, in the lives of your pets.  The results are fantastic throughout your dog’s life, not only for a beautiful coat and healthy skin, but for many other health reasons.  This is why we recommend keeping your pup on NuVet Plus when you adopt your new pup.  And it is guaranteed or your money back. 

Through our many years of breeding, we have tried many different products, and have found NuVet to be the best supplement for your dog on the market today.  To order Nuvet Plus for your pet today, just click on the bottle above and receive our discount by using our code 33299. 

* - Details on the NuVet Website