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Our Alaskan Malamutes

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Silver Rolling Thunder

D.O.B. - December 26, 2014

Thunder is a well tempered male.  He has a great disposition and personality.  Thunder came to us from a show breeder in Florida and comes from great lines.  He will make a great addition to our breeding program. 

D&J’s Black Stallion

D.O.B. - January 5, 2017

Stallion is a black cherry male and weighs 100 pounds.  He has a sweet temperament, good bloodlines, and loves to play ball.

Sarai of the desert StormNias Ice QueenArtic Ice Zanna
Carmellas Night ShadeSheba of the JungleShanook Magic Sunrise

D&J`s Carmella's Night Shade

D.O.B. - June 17, 2015    

Carmella is a laid back female like her mother Zena and her father is Conner.  Carmella has a nice coat and a personality. She weighs 90 lbs. 

D&J`s Sarai of the Desert Storm

D.O.B. - July 7, 2015    

Sarai is a very energetic female shes a gray and white female.  Her parents are Tailor and Conner. She loves to play tug of war and ball.  She weighs 75 lbs. 

D&J`S Sheba of the Jungle

D.O.B. - February 15, 2016    

Sheba is a gray and white female born from Zanna and our sweet Conner.  She is very social and loves all dogs. She loves to play ball and with kong toys.  She will make a great addition to our breeding program. 

D&J`s Nias Ice Queen

D.O.B. - January 21, 2016    

Nia is a black and white female. Her parents are Zena and Conner. She has a great temperament  and a very laid back personality. She will listen to any command for a treat.  SShe's a joy to have in our breeding program. 

Shanook Magic Sunrise

D.O.B. - April 2, 2012    

Shanook is a sable and white girl who aims to please.  She very social as well as vocal and will be a stocky girl.  Shanook has a great personality, just like her father, who was out of Montanna and is now retired. 

Arctic Ice Zanna

D.O.B. - September 17, 2012  

Zanna is a sweet girl who is 115 pounds now.  She has a wonderful personality and lots of energy, she loves to play with us and the pack.  Zanna is black and white and will make a great addition to our pro gam.